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A Little History
 Difbeats Entertainment & Web Design started out as an idea to build high quality web show cases for artists of all venues, but has turned into so much more. In my training to become a web author I have decided to stretch my efforts to include all styles of web creation. I have found that programming is as much a part of my life now as is performing my music on a stage. 

  I have always had a great desire to do more. In my life I have had many challenges, I have owned my own retail stores, became a journeyman electrician, managed the service division of an electrical firm and have performed music in as many styles as you can think of. I then became the director of Research & Development in the gaming industry.

Presently I am an officer and major share holder in an electrical contracting firm that my wife Kari and I formed.

My love for web design and web applications as well as programming is interconnected with my love for performing and writing music. With all these areas combined we have Difbeats Entertainment and Web Design.



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